Legalpreneur: The Business Owner's Guide To Legally Protecting Your Business (Hardcover)

Legalpreneur: The Business Owner's Guide To Legally Protecting Your Business By Andrea Sager Cover Image

Legalpreneur: The Business Owner's Guide To Legally Protecting Your Business (Hardcover)


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When serial entrepreneur Andrea Sager started her first business, she was a law student just trying to make ends meet. But after a few short months of online sales, she realized that she was onto something special. She had scaled her business from an e-commerce storefront to a successful brick and mortar, almost overnight. She discovered that being a business owner was much more than a way to make ends meet - it was a lucrative venture that had the potential to change her life. But three years later, as the dates of her law school graduation day loomed, she realized it was time to say goodbye to these entrepreneurial endeavors. Soon, she would be starting her dream job as a corporate attorney in one of the most prestigious law firms in the Midwest. She simply did not have time for side hustles.

So she did the responsible thing - she sold her business, and began her "grown up" job. As with most dreams, as the novelty of her new career wore off, she was left with the overwhelming feeling that something was missing. "Was this really it?" Would she be anchored to this building for the next 40+ years of her life? Overworked and suddenly uninspired, Andrea found herself reminiscing about her days as a small business owner. After a mere seven months after starting her corporate career, the cosmo's aligned in the most unexpected way; Andrea was fired. Though this has been, at one time, everything she had wanted, contrarily, she was over-the-moon by the news. Sometimes in life, when we are too afraid to make the decision that's right for us, the universe will make the decision for us. Going from a bigshot law attorney to running her own law firm, buying (and selling) a poker club, and launching Legalpreneur, Andrea has built the life of her dreams, with a few surprising twists and turns woven in along the way.

Throughout this book, you'll be introduced to Andrea's million-dollar Legalprenur framework - a step-by-step guide to help you legally secure your business. This is not just another business self-help book, filled with dense lessons and non-relatable stories. This book is a story about how to build the company of your dreams, through tried and trusted methods. Whether you're an up-and-coming entrepreneur, a seasoned Etsy seller, or a mom and pop shop looking to expand, Legalpreneur: The Business Owner's Guide to Legally Protecting Your Business is the only book you will need.

Product Details ISBN: 9798987527917
Publisher: Legalpreneur Inc
Publication Date: January 25th, 2023
Pages: 238
Language: English