Parkside Veterinary Clinic I want to be a Vet (Paperback)

Parkside Veterinary Clinic I want to be a Vet By Elizabeth Woolsey Cover Image

Parkside Veterinary Clinic I want to be a Vet (Paperback)


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Parkside Veterinary Clinic I want to be a Vet is the story of four teenagers who apply for after-school positions at the local "all creatures" vet clinic. Their backgrounds, experiences, and reasons for wanting to work at Parkside differ, as do their personalities. Only three of the many applicants will receive offers of employment. Tom is a quiet shy boy. He wants to escape his dominating father and emulate his grandfather, a retired veterinarian. Claire lacks confidence in her abilities. She wants to work with her hero, Dr. Ben Hughes, and begin her employment career. Jos is an outcast. A Latino boy in a middle-class predominantly white community wants to learn about birds. He is gifted but has no aspirations to further his education. Megan has it all-beauty, brains, and entitled family connections. She wants to work on horses and needs the experience to apply to vet school.

Parkside Veterinary Clinic's owners, Drs. Ben and Helen Hughes are overrun with work. They hired Dr. Amy Wang a few years ago but the large animal portion of the practice needs another vet. Introducing a movie-star handsome Dr. Jake Winkler. Whoa boy- even the mature office receptionist is charmed and wonders if he could be interested in older women.

Adele Goss is in her 70s and takes on Jos when he helps her with her bird. As a former teacher, she recognizes his intellect and is determined to inspire him in his life's goals.

In this story, readers will experience veterinary cases and realistic dramas associated with practice life. This book will hopefully inspire students to consider veterinary medicine.

Product Details ISBN: 9798986911137
Publisher: Elizabeth Woolsey Horse Doctor Press
Publication Date: November 8th, 2022
Pages: 278
Language: English