Full Metal Jack: The Hunt for Jack Reacher Series (Hardcover)

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Back to the Beginning

The next gripping Hunt for Jack Reacher Thriller

Everything ends somewhere... For Jack Reacher, that was Carter's

Crossing, Mississippi, spring 1997. A desolate railroad track. A

brutal murder. The end of a decorated soldier's career.

History repeats itself. Now there's another woman dead in the

same lonely place.

FBI Special Agent Kim Otto is sent to find out everything she can,

be on the lookout for Reacher, and ordered to turn him in for


But when she gets to Carter's Crossing, the local sheriff and Mayor

Elizabeth Deveraux have joined forces with two Majors from the

Army's 110th Investigative Unit to bury the truth forever.

The Affair was the start of the Reacher saga. In Full Metal Jack,

will Otto's career end where Reacher's began?

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ISBN: 9781942633457
ISBN-10: 1942633459
Publisher: Augustbooks
Publication Date: November 10th, 2020
Pages: 316
Language: English