Chaos Bound (Paperback)

Chaos Bound By L. Ryan Storms Cover Image

Chaos Bound (Paperback)


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The end and the beginning.

Finally, the Chaos Wielder's identity has been revealed, but Quinn is gone, and Reina and Alesh have little time to save their world from an eternity of chaos and ruin.

The two traverse the Elorin Empire in search of help from the emperor, but instead find assistance in unexpected places. After gaining the trust of a scrappy young girl and the allegiance of a brawny ex-guard with guts and guile, they embark on a haphazard, ever-changing plan, relying on sheer determination and a bit of luck to see them through.

Still, not all is as it seems in these lands, and those who die don't always stay dead. A strange set of circumstances may release Quinn from his bindings and provide him with exactly what's needed to rid the world of chaos, but his freedom depends on his ability to face the darkest moments of his past. Can he embrace the parts of himself he most despises and reach Reina and Alesh before the looming eclipse...or is Liron doomed to fall to darkness?


Product Details ISBN: 9781732849242
ISBN-10: 1732849242
Publisher: Rainestorms Press
Publication Date: May 10th, 2022
Pages: 404
Language: English