Jazzy Headz: Three Miles In Her Shoes (Paperback)

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With the summer ending, Jazzy finds herself, yet again, struggling to get out of bed and get ready for the first day of school. Endless hallways, books, teachers, homework... doomsday, so she thought. In the kitchen, the normal routine is already underway, her mother, Naomi has finished her early morning workout, prepared breakfast, and makes her way toward the stairs to wake Jazzy. Jazzy's decision to stay in bed a little longer causes a disaster of epic proportion and a very real experience she will never forget.

At the behest of Brushin and Combs, her whimsical brush and comb who were passed down thru the woman in her family, Jazzy is instantly whisked from her bedroom, thru her vanity mirror, and into the harrowing first day of school for her great, great, great, grandmother Josephine in the year 1805. This emotional journey will be taken alone and without her everyday comforts. Within this change of scenery, Jazzy will be propelled into an era when education was not afforded to everyone.

On this eye-opening journey to post-Civil War America, Jazzy sees, firsthand, how her ancestors experienced daily life. As Freedmen on the morning of their first day of school, their realities will shape Jazzy's future and change the course of her life forever.

In this tale of incarnation, a modern-day pre-teen and her whimsical brush and comb, Jazzy is exposed to her family's past and the extraordinary people who made her future possible. Her choices and actions take her to the edge of time, to places unfamiliar where she will be challenged, inspired, and matured.

About the Author

Devona Stevenson loves history and understands the tremendous impact it has on the future. As a mother of three, her focus is always on sharing impactful lessons that shape character.Kadira Chauvin believes we can learn so much from the past. She is always thinking of creative and fun ways to form a pathway for youth to see their lives through our cultural history. Also a mother, she strives to develop her son into an educated and productive adult.

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ISBN: 9781712088098
ISBN-10: 1712088092
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: June 15th, 2021
Pages: 62
Language: English
Series: Jazzy Headz