Out of the Flock (Paperback)

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Out of the Flock (Paperback)


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Mike Satcher's poetic visions are generally set up by the first word, thought, idea, or line of his experience. Each vision follows the next, and poses a statement that relates or could be related, but wants to take readers along viewing their own way of perspective.

Many pieces in Out of the Flock were invented years ago, but could be analogous.

He says, "Before this publication, I supplied drawings or cartoons that related to the work as coincidental affect. I'm interested in helping readers see compositions in broad or narrow rationale. And if having human sensibilities helps, my points are not to screw you up, rather to take invention to other levels."

Not everything in life makes sense. This poetry collection presents more or less humor, scientific ideas, or fantasy in text. Here is one sample:

Ancient History

Ancient History, can't go forward

Without considering the past

Anecdotes abound, used to be

Entertainment's greater than

Ever, movies seem so real

Preview of coming attractions

Either attracts opposites repel

I was thinking about a Navajo

Indian woman works weaving

But as she turned out

Turned into a beautiful

Orchid becomes seeds

Teacher Mike Satcher is from Playa del Rey, California, and spent his summers in the White Mountains of Arizona. He has been writing for more than fifty years. This is his third book for adults and he has written a play for children.

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