The Exodus: From Passover to the Promised Land (Paperback)

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The Exodus: From Passover to the Promised Land (Paperback)


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From the birth of Moses to the Israelites' wilderness wanderings, the exodus story spans decades and is described in 40 chapters of the Bible. Get a solid overview on the entire exodus story with charts, simple summaries, and full-color illustrations. Trace the Israelites' exodus from Egypt with a map showing their possible travel route. Explore key events with a detailed timeline and journey deeper in your understanding of God's plan of redemption.

See the how the exodus, Passover, and other Old Testament events foreshadowed the coming of Jesus and find fresh perspective on what it means to move from captivity into freedom with the pamphlet's practical application section. Dig even deeper into the exodus story with Rose Publishing's The Exodus pamphlet, which features:

  • Archaeological discoveries that help us know when the exodus occurred
  • How the 10 plagues of Egypt challenged the Egyptian idols
  • Full-color map, showing the possible route the Hebrews traveled from Egypt to Mt. Sinai
  • A timeline from the birth of Moses through the 40 years of wilderness wanderings
  • Themes of God's provision, judgment, and presence with his people as he led them from Egypt to the Promised Land

Paperback, 14 panels, full-color, laminated glossy pamphlet, 5.5 x 8.5, ISBN 9781628625288, easily fits into most Bible covers. Perfect for personal and group Bible study, church libraries, discipleship, and much more.

5 Key Features of This Quick-Reference Pamphlet Covering Moses, the Exodus, and More
  1. Simple Overview: Get a handle on all the key events in Exodus, including the Ten Plagues, Wandering in the Wilderness, Mount Sinai, and much more.
  2. Map of Exodus: Cover the possible exodus route that Moses and the Israelites took to Mt. Sinai.
  3. Illustrations, Charts, and Timeline of the Exodus: Includes a timeline, illustrations, and charts that will add depth to your Bible study.
  4. Solid and Reliable: From Scripture to archaeological evidence, enjoy having a solid resource to deepen and enrich your Bible study.
  5. Ultra-Slimline: Easily keep it in the back of your Bible, in your purse, or book bag for easy access for quick questions.

Perfect for:

  • Individual and group Bible study
  • Church libraries
  • Discipleship
  • Teen and young adult groups
  • Homeschool
  • Church giveaways
  • And much more
Product Details ISBN: 9781628625288
ISBN-10: 1628625287
Publisher: Rose Publishing (CA)
Publication Date: July 1st, 2019
Pages: 14
Language: English