Jesus: A Theography (Compact Disc)

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Virtually every "Jesus biography" begins with the nativity account in Bethlehem. In this groundbreaking new book, Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola begin before time in the Triune God and tell the complete interconnected story of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation. Biographies of Jesus have generally been written by those trying to investigate the historical Jesus. On the flip side, those interested in tracing the biblical narrative are typically disinterested in historical Jesus studies. These two approaches have yet to converge, until now.The Old and New Testaments are not two separate entities. Once we see the combined narrative, everything gels into a coherent, understandable and amazing story.

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ISBN: 9781501275494
ISBN-10: 1501275496
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: December 15th, 2015
Language: English