Sunshine in the Delta (Paperback)

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From author Erica Sandifer comes Sunshine in the Delta, a tale of life and love and everything in between, set in the Mississippi Delta during the early 1960s. Money, Mississippi, just beyond the Tallahatchie River, the town is a vast, flat land with fields of corn and cotton, split in half by the long and dusty Money Road. Right alongside the road in an old shack, lives Miss Neeyla Jean, along with her six younger siblings, a mean-spirited mother, and a blatantly belligerent father. Because of her parent's tumultuous relationship, Neeyla is responsible for caring for her siblings. As a result, she leaves school at the age of fourteen to find a job. It is then that her beautiful--but mischievous--older cousin, Reena, finds her a job housecleaning at the Bakers. Neeyla begins working for Mrs. Baker and her handsome, blue-eyed son, Henry. When Neeyla loses her younger brother to a train accident, further dividing her family, her bond with Mrs. Baker allows her to cope--and the friendship they share teaches her important life-long lessons along the way. Miss Neeyla Jean becomes the very definition of the word triumph, overcoming obstacle after obstacle, and she eventually realizes an enduring fact of life: The sun will always shine brightly after the storm.

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ISBN: 9780692949870
ISBN-10: 0692949879
Publisher: Erica Sandifer
Publication Date: September 8th, 2017
Pages: 128
Language: English